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Better to use Dongle?


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I'm running 2 DMX universes.  First one uses a Dongle, the 2nd is E1.31.  Since my Alphapix 4 (universe 2) has DMX out, I can daisy chain the 2 controllers for the other universe and skip the dongle even though they are not E1.31. . My question would be....is there an advantage in speed by skipping the usb dongle?

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They do exactly the same thing.


I use both, but as soon as I get another E1.31 controller I will be all DMX over E1.31


Normally, ine Alphapix 4 will be near to your lights, but the dongle will have at attach to the computer with a short USB lead, so if you use E1.31 you have less cables and shorter runs. There is no difference in speed, unless you have really laggy E1.31


Every setup is different though, so do whichever you want.

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