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Tutorial or info for running the CTB16 in DMX mode?


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Is there a tutorial for running the CTB16 in DMX?  Or some clear info on pin assignment?


Specifically, I'm converting to all DMX this year and I'm attempting to control the CTB16 via DMX output from a port on a San Devices 6804.


I've got the 6804 port set for DMX output, and built a Cat 5 cable with connector as follows:

6804 Data (HOT) out to pin 5

"  "     common (Cold) to pin 4

"  "    Ground out to pin 6


I've got come communication when testing - all lights either on or off, even when some of the channels are not selected.  Some data is getting through, but none is correct.


Do I have the pins connected wrong on the cat5 cable?  I am using a CTB16 Gen 3.


Any help would be great



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It's on the Light-O-Rama web page under "Support" "Documentation" near the bottom of the list labeled "DMX."  The User Guide PDF.

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