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Shows STILL won't run!!!

Mike WIlliams

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-I have built sequences, they run fine in sequence editor.

-I have run the hardware utility and all is fine

-Built shows, and sequences play independently on sequence editor,

-Scheduled and saved shows

-Also created "several single sequence shows" and noe of those will play either

-Control panel is enabled and status shows that show is playing, however no music, no light control.

I am running Windows XP, LOR II, using Windows Media Player, and have already uninstalled and reinstalled the software on two different machines. Neither will work.

Comm ports have been verified that they are set correctly, so can anyone tell me what I may have missed?



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Mountainwxman wrote:

You you have the latest version of usb adapter drivers?

If you have changed anything in your sequence and have not reimported into your show editor, it will not run. Anytime you make a change, you have to delete the original file and reimport it.

I know, I've done it.
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I agree with dcarrier, delete the shows from the Show Editor, then re-import the new version. I found my shows wouldn't run without re-import if I deleted an old show file from the default LOR-Sequences directory and placed a new version in the directory. Even if it had exactly the same name.

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When trying to run. You cannot have any other LOR program running. No hardware utiltiy, no sequence editor. ONLY control panel running with shows enabled.


I'd like to add that I've frequently run the Sequence Editor while my show is successfully running in the front yard. I get an error message telling me that I can't ouptut, but that was to be expected.

2.0.8 version
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-not running via USB port

-have wiped out and resaved shows almost every attempt

"Thanks" mnapuran, I was starting to think I was the only person on this board who had ever experienced this.

..well, t'is another day. It has been said hat insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results..... well, WHOMEVER said that, OBVIOUSLY did not own a computer!!!

I'm gonna get back at it today, and thank you all for the hints and tips!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!


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Let's diagnose to see any activity from LOR. First set LOR to run the show for 1 hour for now. We need the show runs so we can see any activity running.

Click Start->Control Pannel->Administrative Tools->Performance. See attach image to see the window I am talking about. Sorry, I cannt insert the image.

Attached files 146181=8599-untitled.bmp

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under the Performance Object, click the down arrow to pull down the list and choose Process, then select All Counters, then under the Selected instances from list, scroll down to see the LOR Monitor and LOR Tray, select them, then click Add then Close, you will see the window like this

Attached files 146186=8602-untitled5.bmp

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When you run the sequences in the Sequence Editor, how are you opening the sequences? Do you just do a File->Open and then open the sequence. You click Play and everything works... The sequence runs, music plays and the lights are controlled.

If that is the case then we can eleminate most possiblities. Your communication is okay, media player version is okay...etc...

When you build your show can you verify that the sequence that you are adding is actually the same sequences that you are running in the sequence editor. They may be stored in more than one location on the machine and the show player is picking up the wrong version.

Try the following: Open one of the sequences in the Sequence Editor then do a SaveAs to give it a new name. Then build a show with only that sequence in the musical section and give the show a new name that you have not used for a show before.

Then in the Schedule Editor schedule that new show to run.


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