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Yes. I use the onboard for normal connectivity and a Intel 1 Gbit PCI-x card for the 7 J1Sys controllers.

Network is fully managed so I separate things in different VLAN's and trunk switches together so I can decide for each switch port if it is christmas LAN or guest LAN or regular LAN...

Works perfect...

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I'm not a computer person can you tell me what vlan is and how to set it up would like to use another p12x. Ok here is what   I did installed a second nic card and gave it and the submask is   hooked up to nic card and the swithch then hooked up my p12x to switch also so it would be separate from my main enternet cable using this for lor boxes   So I would like to use a second board is this the right way take enternet cable hook it to the p12x then hook it to the switch and give it an address of  10.10.10. 199 submask of

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I'm not sure I fully visualize your configuration but:

The second NIC at with a subnet mask covers the entire IP range from - That a little over 16 million hosts per subnet.


Assuming your household Internet is on the 1st NIC and not on a 10.x.x.x network and your second NIC (Christmas stuff) is on the second NIC then all you need to do as additional controllers to your switch with a unique IP. You can also narrow the subnet mask (or not .. in this case it really doenst matter)


PC - subnet

1st Ctrl - subnet

2nd Ctrl - subnet

etc etc ..


PC --> Switch --> Ctrls (Up to the number of ports on your switch)


If your using multcast, you can use a static route to keep the "Christmas" traffic off NIC1 (Your internet).


route -p add mask <ip of correct pc interface to use> metric 5


The "p" in the route command will make this a persistant route meaning you dont have to set it everytime.



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