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DMX1000 LED sweeper light only changes angle


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Hello everyone. I am a DJ here in Florida and I have a really great light show that I have built mostly out of LED spot lights and lasers. I have some great tracks programmed and I added about 600.00 worth of new fixtures that I really would like to have more control over. I am so new to DMX and I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to using it with LOR. I have fixtures that I simply turn off and on using light o rama.  My first question is, when connecting the DMX1000 to my network, do I connect it to the usb/cat5 adapter from the computer to the DMX100 and then it to the LOR board or do I connect it into the extra light o rama network plugin separately?  I have a handle on using LOR and its functions, but I am not skilled using DMX so please explain things as though I am stupid. :) Next, I did manage to get it working, but I am using a 15 channel LED sweeper beam with 8 lens that I managed to get the motor to move but I did not get lights to come on. I tried to use the console in the HWM but it only moved it and the sliders did not turn off lights or activate anything else. Any idea what I am doing wrong?


I tried to find a set up video on Youtube to aid me because the text documents on the site talks as though you have experience in DMX and uses terms I am not familiar with. If anyone is skilled at setting this up and wants to shoot me a call  or message me here, I am willing to give my phone number privately.


While I wait for someone to aid, I will try to figure out this on my own. Thx.  

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Check the doumentation on your DMX lights to see if any channels need to be fully on before it does any actual work.


Use the Hardware Utility to bring the appropriate faders up as needed. I'd give you specifics, but you didn't give the make or model numbers.


You have 15 channels of finicky operation to play with.

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I have used the DMX Stage lights in my display. the challenge I have is channel 1 is power, 2 r, 3g, 4b...


The power channel has to be set on for the whole sequence, or it no worky. :(

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