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Strange pixels when importing from Nutcracker


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I have two glitching pixels on my matrix (In the visualizer and sequence editor) when I import a sequence that I import from Nutcracker/XLights. The lights flash blue at the start and start randomly flashing later on. I can clearly see that they do something different in the sequence editor, and I guess the real lights will (When the controller arrives from China).


I am exporting it as a LMS and using the paint sequence option to add it to the sequence I have already done the rest of my lights in. I was half way through adding them to the visualiser when I noticed it.




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I read your post to see if it could help me. I once had the same problem as you. I stopped using it, and when I came back I got the latest version and there were no errors.

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The very latest (Installed last week). I am on a different PC, so it could be something else that caused the messages to stop, but the update is the most obvious thing that could sort it.

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