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E6804 mega tree


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Hi all,

 not sure if im in the right area but here goes ............. I plan on doing a mega tree this year using 16 strips which works out to be approx 6 universes , I've set it up in nutcracker but when I set it up in LOR the channel count isnt the same .

 could anyone point me in the right direction as how to set it all up



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Check for channels 511 and 512.  Those two channels get ignored in each universe.

I'm not the right guy to explain, but delete 511 and 512 from your NC setup for each universe and see if the channel count matches when you are done.

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170 pixels equals 510 channels, so you have 2 left over in each universe.   so you need to account for that. if you really want to use those channels, then

you will have a pixel that is controlled out of 2 different universes. Not a problem, but just not as clean on the address setting.

I haven't looked how NC lays out a Megatree, it may be crossing universes on pixels already.


What strips are you using ?  how many pixels per strip ?


If you are really making a 16 strip pixel Mega tree, you might want to consider using a E682 instead of a E6804. 

The 682 has 16 outputs, and you can drive each strip with 1 output and not need power injection (if using 12V).

It also makes for a much cleaner setup, all powered from the bottom, and if you have to remove 1 strip for

service, you do not affect the others.


The 6804 can drive the number of strips you are talking about, but you may have to start messing with power injection.

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Thanks guys for the info , im using the ws2811 strips from Ray Wu. I understand what your saying about the E682 but I got this 6804 very cheap and have a few 12v transformers spare so power injection

i've already figured out.

My concern was in LOR the universe run as you said 1-510 (with the last 2 deleted) but in nutcracker it shows channel numbers per strip and goes up to channel 2400 for the 16 strips , this is what I cant get my head around or when I save it does nutcracker convert it back to the LOR universes ?

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I was going to use LOR but a few people have told me to start using xlights but i have a few items that only use standard LOR controllers so im still using that to sequence

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