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Combined CCR Power Supplies (An my aluminum framework)...


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I read through the posting of a couple of years ago about someone building a CCR frame with 3/4" aluminum tubing and noted that that person had also combined the power supplies for the CCRs with one bigger power supply.


As that topic seems to be a couple of years old, I wondered if there is any newer info on what kind of power supply to use or if I am better off just using the power supplies that come with the CCR controllers (mine are on order but have not yet arrived).


It does seem like a combined power supply for the 12-CCRs would take up a lot less space and a lot less power plugs/extension cords...and might be worth the expense to go that route.


Thanks again for any assistance or comments/suggestions.


By the way - I got my first (of two) aluminum frame built this evening and am very pleased with the way it came out. I am making two rectangular matrices rather than tree-shaped frames... one for each side of the front of my very symmetrically designed house.


I ordered my aluminum tubing online from www.metalsdepot.com and it came quickly and thoroughly packaged. I'm using 3/4" aluminum tubing with 3/4" L-channel for back bracing the tubing. If anyone is interested in seeing the completed frames when I get them done and the CCRs installed I'll be glad to snap a couple of pics and post them here.

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