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CMB24D - Grounding and Channel capacity


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Hi guys


I just got my CMB24D through the mail and I had some questions which I hope would answer it self once I had it in my hand, but instead I just got confused.


As this year will be my very first attempt to create a Christmas light show with music, I am very meticulous when it comes to the electical system. I want it secured, described in detail and have calculation in place before I even attempt to assemble the thing. Here is my concerns:



When looking at the board I can clearly see the + and - of the two banks, but no obvious Ground connections. Is it correctly assumed that I have to solder grounding wire on the board itself? The documentation (http://www1.lightorama.com/Documents/CMB24D_Man_Web.pdf) is a little vague on this fact, other than I MUST use it if I pull 30+ amp.


Does that mean it is optional below 30 amps? In my opinion grounding is just a good idea, no matter the case.


Amp capacity:

This is just a clarification. Is it correctly understood that each channel has a capacity of 4 amp, this means I could pull 48 amps (4*12) in total from channel 1-12 and 13-24 (bank one and two), if it wasn't for the bank capacity restriction of 30 amps? Do not worry - I know the capacity is 30 amps and will never go over that. It also depends on my PSU, but that is a different subject.



Hope you guys can answer my questions.

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You do not need to ground the board.


Each channel can go to 4 amps as long as you do not go over 30 amps total per bank.

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Is the the statement you are talking about? 



You may use different voltages on channel banks 1-
12 and 13-24. The ground bet
ween the two channel
banks is common, but you must use both grounds
when using the board to switch more than 30 amps.
When they say ground in this statement it means the - terminals on the board.  If you are less than 30 amps a single connector will handle the load but if you are over that you need to hook up an additional negative.
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