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50% on channel


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I think I have a bad trac, one channel is always on about 50%. anyone know the Mouser equivalent for the trac or a list of the part numbers for the cb16. I also have several boards with larger light leaks even with a snubber  or incan string after a LED string. And because I did not use strain relief all but one of my boards have broken rj45 sockets. So I will be doing repairs on all 5 of my boards.    

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the triacs are 400piv (at least) and 8-10 amp TO-220 package, ( IMPORTANT >)ISOLATED TAB (< Important)


ALL TO-220 Triacs have the same lead config. 1 is output, 2 is input, 3 is trigger


The DIAC in the optocoupler could be 1/2 blown (like the triac) both will give a 50% level HOWEVER, if it's the opto, the channel will turn off IF the opto is removed, where as it will stay on if it's the triac.......



For the cost of 6 pin IC sockets... ALL my boards the opto is socketed..






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