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How do I extend an RGB/CCR ribbon?


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I have 4 windows with a perimeter of ~18.3 feet each. Rough dimensions are Height = ~76" and width = ~34".


A CCR Pixel segment is 4". Since I could not extend a CCR and address any additional pixels I think my only solution if I wanted to use CCR's on my windows would be to shorten CCR's and utilize 2 per window.


But what about using RGB Ribbons? Knowing that a RGB ribbon does not control each pixel individually (dumb pixel), therefore does not need to address a known number of pixels and with adequate power injection if necessary to extend a RGB Ribbon, would it be possible to take pixels (LED Segments) from one RGB Ribbon and add them to the end of another?

(I have CCR's, but I do not have any RGB ribbons to examine)


Q1: Does an RGB Ribbon have a pixel segment like a CCR that it can be separated at?


Q2: If so, What is the length of a segment on the RGB Ribbon?


Q3: If adequate power is supplied to the ribbon would it be possible to add pixels to the end of a RGB ribbon to make up the additional 2.3 feed that I need?


Q4: Has anyone already extended an RGB Ribbon?


Q5: What would be the additional power requirements to extend the additional LED's 2.3 feet?




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Q1: Yes and no. They will have the SMD5050 modules, but for the non-pixel variety, you can cut in between each module.


Q2: Most are 30 or 60 LEDs per meter, 60 of course being way brighter.


Q3: Absolutely. Just inject power at the other end if needed.


Q4: Extend, shorten, either is easily achieved. I suggest about a 6-8" 4 conductor wire to make the 90° turns


Q5: Possibly none. An extra power injection at the end would feed power both ways. The easy way to find out if injection is needed, create the length that you need, run an all white, 100% intensity sequence to it. If the far end is not as bright as the input end, you need power injection. If the end is the same intensity of white, then you will not need it.


There's a great video that shows what all this means. Let me see if I can find it and I'll edit in the link.






Actually, there are 3 that you may want to peek at

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Extending CCRs is not possible. Cutting them to allow multiple CCRs for your length would work but it will void the warranty on the ccr.

Another solution is to use a 2811 pixel strip, which costs about $20 for a 16'9" piece (same length as a ccr) and using a 12v strip will make it look like a LOR ccr (3 LEDs are 1 pixel). This you can extend because you will have to supply a controller. LOR ccr comes with its own controller and that is what limits you to the 50 pixel size.

Extending will require soldering, weatherproofing, and possible power injection same as Ron mentioned above for a dumb strip.

If you get your own strips, you would have to get a controller ($99 sans device 6402 works great) and a power supply ($20 350 watt 12vdc supply would work). Then you would have to setup an e1.31 network. All easily done with posts throughout this forum on how to accomplish this.

I have LOR CCRs and cut them to length. They are 2 years old and have worked flawlessly. I added 2811 strips this year with a sans 682 controller and they match the CCRs perfectly. CCRs are permanently mounted.

So, I am biased to sans devices controllers. There are many other controllers out there including j1systems, pix lights, and spi decoders from China.

Obviously, building your own is more work than using the CCRs. But I wanted you to at least think of the option of adding your own pixel strips rather than settling with dumb rgb.

Good luck,


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I was in the same boat as you, my windows are also 18.5 feet around and I use RGB dumb strips for my windows. I just solder on an extra two feet and they work great, no power injection needed and most have 10-40 foot extensions to get to them.


I made a pvc window frame which I zip tied my strip on then snap the frame to the windows with pvc clips. For the corners I just do a slight simple bend in the strip so I don't have to cut the strip at each corner and to reduce the solder amount.


To add the extra two feet needed I cut each strip at the four gold contact points that you can see on the strip about every three inches. I then butt the two pieces together and put a dab of solder on each of the four gold contact joints and then finish with either hot glue or silicon to cover the joint to waterproof it. I have 18 windows on the front of my house that I have done this way without a single issue.

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