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Thinking about ccr's but have some un answered questions


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I am thinking about building a Ccr wall or tree, but I have several questions.

1. If I were to run 12-18 ccrs would I be able to run them on 1 high speed adaptor?

2. How far can the show computer be away from your first Ccr controller, my computer is at least 100 feet from where I want the grid to be in my display.

3. What spacing do you typically use between ribbons in a matrix?

4. Are you satisfied with your CCrs? Or would you turn back time and build your display element with something else?

I just want to be sure I am not missing anything before I try to buy some on the next lor sale

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If memory serves, 12 CCR on one HS network is about as high as you want to go. But at what you'l be spending on that many CCRs, another adapter is not a big deal.


100 feet away, you should be just fine.


For doing images and text, the rule of thumb is the same spacing vertical and horizontal. The CCRs use a 3 LED module for each pixel at ~ 1 inch between LEDs. That will equate to about 3 inches. Typically, you would want about 3 inches between strips. Distance from viewer to matrix would really be the determining factor. My Pixel tree is made from individual pixel nodes, 3" spacing and about 30 feet or so from viewers. some images are not as clear as I'd like them to be.


I have CCPs, but no CCRs. My comments are from my studying the different aspects of different elements throughout the 4 years I've been doing this. I do know that most, if not all, who purchase CCRs are happy with them. That statement comes from perusing the forum and reading posts about them.


Hope I shed a bit of light.

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This is my second year with a 12 ccr Matrix. Anywhere between 3"- 4" spacing between ribbons would be o k.  In 2013 I had 3.5 inch spacing & this year it was 3 inch spacing.  It turned out that way for this year ( the 3 " spacing ) because of how I feed the ribbons through the white zip ties. Both look good from the street. 


I ran mine at 500 speed along with four ccp controllers but then again I used the Lor generation 3 MP3/ Director Unit. It worked great.  Some run 3 or 4 ribbons per network.  I may very well need to use my Laptop for the 2015 Christmas season. I will plan to be adding more Lor ccps & ccrs for 2015. 

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