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power bleed in one channel


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I have one chanell that seems to have a power bleed when not on. By that I mean that there is some power getting to the lights, leaving part of the string glowing faintly. The channel still works in the sequencing as programmed.

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I assume you are using LED's?  Is your controller is an older one, Version one or two?  Sounds like you have a bad Triac. You may want to open a help ticket with LOR.

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The triacs are the 3-legged square black devices along each edge of your controller (8 on a side .. assuming a 16 channel controller) screwed to your heat sink.

Technically it is a electronic device for switching Alternating Current.


I had one do exactly the same thing this year.

If your controller is still under warranty, then as Ralph suggested, open a ticket with LOR.

If not and you are comfortable desoldering and soldering components, you can order replacement triacs from somewhere like Mouser or Digikey.


I ordered from Mouser



10 pcs with shipping was $19.89 - I ordered 10 just becasue some of my controllers are getting older and wanted to have some spares on hand.


Hope this helps...



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