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Cat5 to XLR


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Does anybody know which wires go to where when putting an XLR end on a cat5 cable to convert e 131 to normal DMX?

(The cat5 cable will be connected to an LOR adapter to be used as a DMX dongle)


I will be buying two dimmers with 3 pin XLR and have one without an XLR that just has GND, D+ and D-. Which cable goes where on it?


And instead of buying DMX cables, can I run all DMX over cat5? (Only about 10m)


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Usually ORG/WHT for D+   ORG for D- and BRN/WHT for common.  Google is your friend


You need a lot more than a cable to go from e1.31 to regular DMX.   


You can run DMX via CAT5 cable. 

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