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Several channels will not turn off


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HELP! Whether the show is on or off, three of my channels stay lit at half power. All three channels are connected to the same LOR1602 commercial controller. Any reason why these refuse to shut off? During the show, they will twinkle, shimmer, etc but will never turn completely off. I'm annoyed. I do not have my manual handy. How do I "reset the board" to fix the "triac"? And what is a triac?

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Reset the controller per the manual, I think its power down set ID to 0, power up and then power down reset to original ID then power up. If this doesn't work then you likely will need to replace the triacs. Open a ticket with the LOR helpdesk and they will surely get you sorted out..


Merry Christmas

Daryl B.

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To reset On the commercial controller Power down the controller.

Hold down the up and down arrows, turn back ON while holding the buttons for 2 seconds.  it should show 0000 then go back to the controller number

Lets hope it is not the Triac but it doesn't sound good.  Had same problem last year

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