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Running A 12 strand tree....PLEASE HELP


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Hello everyone, I'm super new to this and right now I feel kind of like I'm a little over my head, but I've gone to far to quit. So with that being said, I'm trying to run a 12 strand tree, I current have a Avatek pixlite 16 plug and play. I'm as new to this as they come, so I was going to see if someone can help me convert the universes and ch and roll em over into the LOR to run a pre paid sequence.  Ok so my strands are 11 ft which 3.35 meters and was wondering how to set it up, I has a ws2811     10 IC  5050SMD  RGB from Ray wu. :( 

Thanks in advance and a Merry Christmas to All


I'm the worst Christmas light elf ever

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Joe - 


If this controller was purchased from HolidayCoro.com, please contact us and we'd be happy to help you directly.  HolidayCoro.com/ContactUs




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