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CMB24 Flood Hack


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I have a CMB24 DC board and 4 - 20W rgb floods that I bought from Amazon. For some reason, 3 look the same on the inside and 1 looks different.

I need to verify some voltage questions:

The triplets: Have led driver boards rated 24-36V. 2 wires travel to the front where there is a small circuit board which branches out into rgb and black to the respected colors, with a separate, different resistor per color added between the circuit board and the light.

When on full white, each color reads 17V DC. On one at a time, red gets 20V, green is 14V and blue is similar to green...

So if I used a power supply for the board, which voltage do I set it at?? And do I just unhook the driver board supply and not use it?

The solo light looks the same, but no circuit board. Just goes from a 12-24V led driver, out of it in rgb and black, to the light. On full white voltage varies from color 20V red, 14V green and 12V blue.

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