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Adding Music to animation sequence during show via input pup


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That title may sound a little odd as I know you cannot normally add sound to an animation only sequence, but that is not stopping me from trying!

Here is what I am trying to do.  I added an input PUP to my display this year.  It works great.  During my normal 8 song show a person can come up and make a donation to the American Cancer Society.  If they do make a donation, they can hit a large button, either red or green and that will turn on a particular set of lights on the display (Rudolph's nose for the green button and large animated bells for the red button).  This is working beautifully, but I would love the ability to not only trigger an animated sequence (Rudolph's nose or the bells), but also add audio when this takes place (i.e. the ringing bells in the background).  I do not want to interrupt the current musical show as that will continue on all night, but I would like the animation AND the audio to take place at the same time as the constantly running musical show.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

My options with the PUP are:

1) Start a new musical sequence whenever the button is pushed (stopping the current musical sequence)

2) Que up a new sequence when the current song is over (delayed, but I still stopping the current musical sequence).

3) What I am doing currently, which is an animation sequence only.  This is good, but I still want to add audio (i.e. two audio files at the same time)

Can this happen?  Is there a work around that I could trigger a different device to "play" te sound rather than relying on the LOR software?

Any outside the box ideas would be appreciated.


Danny D

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