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CCB is not recognized on the network?


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I have four 16 channel controllers connected to my network.  When I do a scan within LOR Hardware app it finds all 4 controllers correctly.


When I plug in my CCB to the last controller in my network I do a hardware scan, and it only finds the first 2 controllers.

And the last controller's LED is flashing twice per second (so is the CCB controller). 


I had set the correct address in the CCB independently of the network (meaning I directly connected to it and programmed a unique address and then tested that it worked within my sequence before connecting to the network ).


Any thoughts?  Anything I might look for or try?  I really want to get into RGBs!! :-)





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I would move some controllers around. It sounds like possible dirt of other contaminates in the RJ45 jacks of one of the controllers.

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Thank you.  It took all afternoon, switching controllers and cables to narrow down the problem spot, but it did come down to some dirt in one of the controller's RJ45 jacks (and possibly a bad cable).


I blew air in the jack, and replaced the cable.


Thanks for the suggestion. Everything is working!  And now I know what to do next time :-)

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