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CCR Trouble

Paul M Krupa

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I have CCR's for my leaping arches, during my testing week I had one that about 1/3 that stuck on. I got it to go out by pushing reset on the controller while power on(had to do it several times). Seemed to work fine till last night when I went to check stuff after shut down and the same one had the same 1/3 stuck on. I pulled the  power plug till this afternoon when I got it to shut off with the reset power on trick, thought everything was OK till I came home tonight. The problem CCR was working except for the 1/3 that was formerly stuck on.....nothing. Everything shutoff at shutdown tonight. Any thoughts???? (all these CCR's were purchased at the mad grab sale this spring)


Thanks for any input.


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Try the formal "Reset" function on it. I believe its pushing in the reset button and holding, then plug in the power. I might be wrong on that so anyone, please correct me. The instruction should be in the manual

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