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CCR wont turn off


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I have two pillars on my porch. Each pillar has 3 CCR wrapped (loosely) around the pillow. I have had the CCR's up for about a week or so now and tested them frequently.

Just last night I was putting up lights in a completely different area when the CCR in the middle of one pillars came on. Only the last 69 lights turned on (red, green, and blue on each). So the last 69 lights are bright white. Than the three light just before that are green.

They is no power from the controller. They are just plugged in, that's it.

I can unplug them but the second I plug them back in they turn back on.

When I run a sequence they seem to act just fine though. They seem to just stay on when there isn't any signal from the controller or LOR.


Any one have any suggestions here?

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One of my strands just did the same thing tonight. But was the whole strand from about the 10th light on. I just gave it a tap and they turned off and function fine except the 10th light now has a constant light pinkish red tint to it.

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