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Controller set up problem


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Im new to lor- this is my first year creating a show. I have everything (I think) that I need to make a sure and wanted to start running it asap. I created a few sequences and put in in a show, set up a schedule and enable the control panel. I installed the drivers for the usb- cat 5e converter, and have successfully tested the controller.


Everything seemed to be working smoothly until i enable the control panel, and expected the channel to turn on. The status log says a show is playing and that there aren't any problems, but the lights aren't on.


Can anybody think of what i'm doing wrong or why it won't work?


Thanks for your help!  :)

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Run the hardware utility and them click the top left " set up com port" - - the system should find a port for you
After that has been done - Click on "refresh" under > unit to configure<
Make sure you change the "max ID unit" to the amount of controllers you are using otherwise it will search for an hour looking for controllers that aint there
If you are using 1 controller than after the search is done it should show 1 controller found ( etc etc 2 controllers / 3 controllers )
if this goes well then to the right of the refresh button there is a dropdown tab
select one of your found controllers and in the light mode box, click " on at 100%"
all lights connected to that bnox should light up
Feel free to email me if you need more help
if need be I can call you if you email me your number
Don't worry - - Been there done that and I know how fustrating it is
It is most likely a simple fix

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Thank you for your help- I was able to figure out the problem. It turns out when i first created the sequence, all of my channels were set to strange units and circuits. Once i set them all on unit one and lined them up circuit 1-16 everything worked fine.


It is nice knowing there is such an active and helpful community here for future problems. Thank you!  :)

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