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Equipment list Question


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I'm curious, about what kind of equipment might have been used in this display. 




Obviously a newbie here.  I don't want to get in over my head, so to speak, without knowing how deep the water might be. :)


In this display, I see: CCR, and CCB mostly (I assume that's how the outlines are done and the singing pumpkings.  Or perhaps the are CCP instead.  And it looks like the globes are single bulbs or single bulbs.  And trees might be CCR.  Just guessing here.


So, in the grand scheme of things this one doesn't seem nearly as complex as some others I have seen.




1) There are 4 star like objects that illuminate together between the white globe objects.  Because they have a starred effect, I wonder what they are.


2) How would you suspect these singing pumpkins are done?  CCR or CCB or something else.  They are just outlines but since the mouth moves, with the music, I'm wondering if that is just a 2nd string.  Can one of these pumpkins be done with a single CCB or CCP or does it require multiple components?


3) I've contacted the person who did this but don't know if I will get a reply on components used.  I'd like to size up what a setup complexity like this would run.  Anyone here care to take a guess of what components might have been used, and how many?



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