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DC-MP3 Director questions

Mike Berck

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I run my main show for the front of the house on a PC, and I'm using a DC-MP3 running a looping animation sequence to light up a few things in the back yard.


1. When the show reaches the end of the schedule, it stops mid-sequence and leaves lights on. I see no provision for a looping sequence to turn lights off. Is there a process to turn off the lights at the end of the show?


2. I can create and load a show on the SD card using Simple Show Builder just fine. When I use the Hardware Utility (ver. 3.8.2) to create the show and plug the card in, DC-MP3 tells me "Err No SD Card".


3. I presume (from experience only) that the DC-MP3 doesn't support loops in animation sequences. Is that completely true? I didn't find it in the book. I'm guessing it is intended primarily to run musical sequences and full function for animation is not available.

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The Dc-MP3 mini director does not support loops, I think the new uMP3g3 mini director does but not sure I have not tried a looped sequence on it.

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