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mini director/G3-MP2 issues


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Hi everyone.  I'm a newbie and I purchased everything I'm using earlier this year while all the big sales where going on.  I've fiddled with this issue every day for the last week with no success.  I'm really hoping someone here can help!  


LOR Software

Advanced with SuperStar Demo


LOR Controller 1  

Each of the 16 channels has one strand of 100 LED lights attached. FYI - the lights are the expensive kind, fully rectified etc. from LED Warehouse

Daisy chained by a 25' cat5 cable to Controller 2.


LOR Controller 2

Only 2 channels are used.  1st channel has 140 LED lights (purchased from Christmas Central so not fully rectified)  

2nd channel has a flood light attached (regular light - not LED)

Daisy chained by 25' cat5 cable to Controller 3


LOR Controller 3

Only 1 string of LED lights attached (1 tree net light consisting of 70 LED lights each)



Plugged into LOR Controller 1.

I have the unit plugged into an outlet (not running off the controller power)

It has the latest firmware version

The Audio Out plug is used to link to an FM transmitter. (the FM transmitter is working fine)

I used the simply show feature to create the show



  • Everything works fine when I run the sequences from my laptop hooked to controller 1.  When I use the G3-MP3 director, controller 2 and 3 don't work.
  • If I take the SD card out, update the show, and put the SD card back into controller 1 - the only way I can get controller 1 to work again is to hook it up to my laptop and use the Hardware feature > Refresh > Test steps and then controller 1 will work again
    • When I do the Hardware feature > Refresh > Test steps to controller 2 and 3 - they will work while plugged into my laptop, but the second I unplug from my laptop then they stop working again.
  • The lights start before the music does, but always 'catches' up by the 4th or 5th second.
  • I seem to have a couple of channels 'sticking' but I haven't tried the tips suggested yet.  

Suggestions would be MOST welcome.


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Noticed this is unanswered, but a few days old.

Did you get your show running?

Or do you still need help?

Assuming you still need help, be sure to shut everything down.

Then unplug from laptop and connect to minidirector.

You say 2&3 work, but not from minidirector.

That makes me wonder about your cat5 cable to the minidirector.

It may be a crossover and not a patch cable.

Try using the same cat5 cable that you know works from your laptop.

Good luck.

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