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Is there a way to split a universe with the LOR Network Pref

Robert Burton

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I have 2 Sandevices controllers I am controlling a mega pixel tree. I have 24 strings. I split the universe 7 between the two controllers. I can't run it in multicast since I am running more than 7 universes. I have one string of lights that are split between the two controllers. That string covers the tail end of Uni 7 and the begin of Uni 8. How can I get this to work with LOR without having to convert everything to DMX channels?  I have 7 other LOR controllers and really don't have the time to hassle with converting right now :-(

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One string of lights split between 2 controllers ?


Like this ?


E68x -------Pixels----         E68x-----Pixels----    

Universe 1-7                     Universe 7-8


You will not be able to have LOR send Universe 7 info to both E68x controllers without using Multicast.


So in Unicast mode, you should start addressing the pixels on the second controller at Universe 8 channel 1

(yes I know you will leave some channels at the end of universe 7 unused).    Change you LOR channel config, and the E68x

output settings. then point universes 1-7 at the first E68x and universe 8-12 at the second in the network config.


Just re-define the DMX universe addresses for the pixels,  there is no need to mess with the LOR controllers, I'm assuming

they are on a seperate LOR network.


I am running 20 LOR controllers in LOR native mode and  2 E6804's in unicast E1.31 DMX. 

I have a similar setup where the gutters have some pixels controlled off one E6804, and some others on the other E6804

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