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Urgent Nutcracker/LOR Issues


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I have less then 43 hours to solve the following...


1.  Two lines of text - appears as 2 lines but with both lines overlayed in each - works fine in XlLghts viewer, but not in LOR

2.  Images that move Right & Left work fine, but... Images that move Up or Down appear to be moving in both directions - again works fine in XLights viewer.


Summary:  Some images looks fine, others "appears as if the strings "should" be folded - With-in same song & same setup.  Same with the text.


Setup: Xlights Version 3.6.7

Using a Pixelwall

Actual # Strings: 10

# RGB Nodes per String: 135

# Strands per String: 3

Start Channel: 1

Start Corner: Bottom Left

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