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Channel Config Editor...is there not an esier way!

David Barnett

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Got to change 2 CCR's to new DMX address. Using the Config editor. What a PIA. IS there not an EASIER way!


I read folks trying to use excel. I did too.   Edit's the numbers nicely and easily. But as others mentioned, when you try and save the updated file, Excel won't let you. Bummer.


I did not read any solution to the excel issue. IS there a way to get the excel edited data back into the XML/LCC?  It is an XML file correct.


Meantime, I'll....click...scroll...enter...ad nauseum


Any ideas appreciated.




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Not that I know of.  But this is what I do.

Create a new DXM device in the correct universe under the CCR channel group. Then copy and past your sequence from the CCR channels to the new DMX channels.

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