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Idmx missing cues after changing ELLs to 115k


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I tagged this at the end of another post but I think it needs to have its very own spot.  Any knowledgeable input would be appreciated. 


I updated all my ELLs to 115k and now I am getting missing cues on my iDMX.  The rest of the networks seems ok.. but that iDMX is the same one I used last year with the same show and at 56k.. I added one more iDMX this year which is why I figured I should change the speed..  the laptop and the transmitting ELL were 10'-20 apart in open air. (basically I was standing just about in front of it).


Why would it do this?  Is there a setting on the iDMX for the network speed?  Did I miss that somewhere? 


Edit:  the place where it is missing the cues is in fact a place in the show where it is the only thing on the LOR network at the time.   3 flashes of 96 channels all white about .3 seconds each flash.. Made ever one of them last year.   I did add some e1.31 stuff to the program this time but the LOR network part has only the one added iDMX and that is being fed both power and LOR feed from the one that is missing the cues.


If I need to revert to the slower network speed.. will a single LOR network handle some pretty fast action with 20 controllers and 2 iDMX 1000 units?  I added the second iDMX because the channels I need to add to the first would have put me over the 128 by 2 channels..(sucks huh?) 


Could it be the power??  I feed the first iDMX (the one missing cues) from a wall wart and the second (added IDMX) is powered from the first via the LOR network.  That wall wart is also supplying power to the ELL that feeds them. 





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Yesterday I had a chance to finally try out some of my other shows.  These are shows that I had used all last year but I added some e1.31 stuff for new props but the heart of the sequences did not change.  The iDMX unit was missing all kinds of cues.  I have run this iDMX on from an ELL all by itself until this season where I plugged another iDMX into it to add some floods.  I thought maybe that might have been the issue, though it shouldn't be... and it wasn't..


When I put the ELLs back to 56k every cue hit right on the money...   The rest of my LOR network was also using ELLs and running CTB16 controllers, (16 of them).  They all seemed to be just fine at 115k.  I of course had to return those two ELLs to 56k as well.   It seems something about the iDMX and the 115k speed that didn't play well together with RGB control.  This iDMX is running low voltage RGB strip via a 27 channel driver board. 


So for now the ELL network is back to 56k.  I hope LOR figures this out because I want to expand my network next year.. Might need that speed..

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