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G3-MP3 v5.28 and audio distorted whe triggered


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Hello  dear light enthousiasts


Need your wisdom.



Downloaded the S3  ver  3.12.0 this morning


I also updated the firmware of the G3-MP3 this morning to 5.28 and started testing my show for next Wednesday.


Both outputs seem to do a good job  with     lor    on output one  and    lor auxA    on output two after adapting the channelconfig  to this new situation.



But sometimes the triggered show does start with a fragment of distorted audio as if it is playing at half speed and stops within a second.


When triggered a second or third time it might run ok,


tried several memory cards, different sizes and brands


tried with the option to strip the mp3 header    on   and  off


The three trigger switches I use are driving  an arduino which drives the 6 trigger inputs of the G3-MP3. This was working ok for the last two weeks  24/7  testing.


The trigger inputs of the G3-MP3 get a trigger signal of 0.1 second from the arduino


So far the only difference there is the firmware version of the G3-MP3


A memory card which is created with the hardware util 3.11.2  does show the same problems.


Anyone similar experience so far?




The Netherlands

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Good morning all


Even if it is Sunday, I went up early to solve a part of my puzzle.


7 o clock I did a firmware degrade to  5.25 for my G3-MP3, and I tested my memorycards with the sequences on it, and it seems to run ok without distortion.


So I am pretty convinced the firmware  5.28 brings in my case some problems. I have to figure out later what is the exact cause though.


Because I an going to run a show at a christmasfair next Wednesday until the Sunday after, nothing may go wrong, so I will play on safe this time.


I saw an other post  with other problems with the firmware upgrade. 





some bugs??



The Netherlands

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This may be related to some problems others are seeing.  I am still researching everything.


In order to keep everything in one place, please post in the http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/33745-s3-312-and-mp3g3-firmware-528-not-playing-the-show-correctly/ thread.  (I would merge this with it, but I don't have admin to this particular set of msg boards)

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