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Need Gama adjustment for RGB


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I think that's what I need. :huh:


Here's the problem. In a typical fade up from 0 to 100%, LOR will send data numbers from 0-255 to the Sandevices E682 board. I need it to send 0 to about only 50 for data. Or I need to sequence every one of my sequences to 0-25% max. (Is there an easy way to do that?) 


My pixels are blasting full Rudolph nose at 25% on the LOR scale. This explains why they looked so glitchy last year.


So is there an adjustment in LOR that limits the data values? Or am I looking at all-nighters til Thanksgiving. :blink:

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If I understand what you asking .. I think the solution would be under:

Tools | Fade Tool Settings


Normally, this is set to 0 on the top bar and 100 on the bottom bar.

Select the second radio button (on each)  and that will start the fade at 0 and run it up to 50% (Other options are available)


Then change the fade on ole Rudolph using this new setting...


To globally change all of you fades at once .. I dont think there is a route to that (but I am NOT the expert ... )


However... there is a caveat that may squirrel the deal .. This is from the LOR Help ...

"Fades are only supported on Light-O-Rama controllers. If one is used on a different device type, it will simply immediately turn the lights completely on or completely off, based on the ending brightness of the fade (fades ending at greater than 10% brightness are considered "on", and others are considered "off")."



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Jim of SanDevices solved this. He concluded that this was a power problem. I was using a DC-DC convertor scheme this year. Bad idea. I suspect the convertors put out very noisy unfiltered DC that was wreaking havoc on the 2811 chips in the pixels as soon as I went above 25% on the LOR scale.


I hitched one string to a small Meanwell supply I had and :D it worked. Just ordered several more supplies and hopefully they will arrive early next week.


Problem solved. JIM is the GREATEST!

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Glad you got it fixed ..

WOW .. did I COMPLETELY miss the question or what ??


I'll be over there ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->


Watching ..



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