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d light board


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Yes you can....BUT...you must have the d-light dongle (no longer available to my understanding) to set the address. If you know the addresses of the d-light boards and you don't have a d-light dongle, then just start your LOR addresses after, before or around them.


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don't have d light dongle and don't know the addresse of it my light show has a problem now I didn't see it was a d light board is there a way to find it Iim going to get more light o rama boards when on sale

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Simplest solution (in my opinion) ...

Take the D-Light out of the setup, then plug it in as the only controller.

Plug in 1 set of lights to channel 1.

Create say a 10 channel sequence, start with controller 1, channel 1 then the next as controller 2 channel 1, etc etc

Just create an ON for say 10 secs .. You can even create it as a loop to buy you time to observe.


If it lights up .. then you know you are in the range .. then process of emilination (Turn off the sequence channel Controller 1, channel 1 and test again)


If there is a problem with there only being the D-Light board on the chain and it never seems to come on ..

You can put LOR box #1 first then daisy chain over to the D-Light... put a sting of lights on channel 1 of the LOR and another on the D-Light and repeat testing .. with both as controller 1 ..

then as 1,2  then 1,3 and 1,4 etc etc ...


Assuming the D-Light board is good you should be pretty quick to ID the board.



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