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Josh Groban or Michael Buble sequences anyone?


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Does any one have any Groban or Buble sequences they are willing to share?  I already have "Believe" but need one to two vocal-rich sequences to complete one of my show segments.  I have their holiday music, just running short on time.


Front yard is getting prepped this weekend and lights are going to start going up!!!!  It is my first year and am soooo stoked.  I have been working on getting all the equipment, full wave leds, arches, coro trees, etc. over the last two years.


E-mail me at CanelaLights@outlook.com if you are willing to help a newbie out.  THANK YOU and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Oh, or "Run, Run, Rudolph" by Kelly Clarkson.  That will work too.

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