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Looking for help with Chinese manufacturers please


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i am trying to get some new pixels designed for us in the hobby as well as the lighting field and am having troubles with the manufacturers "getting my points" on the design constraints.

I am hoping that someone who is dealing with a manufacturer in China can drop me an email and give me some pointers on doing things with the Chinese without going over there.

I have already spent a couple thousand on things and feel like I am getting nowhere it seems! Seems like I get a new batch and they do one or two modifications on strings and then drop out the mods from the batch before or else they do the mods wrong. This is very frustrating to say the least.

I have tried sending very detailed drawings, using an English to Chinese translation program for email and Skype, but am still having trouble getting things worked out.

So I guess I am really asking is that can one of the folks who deals with the manufacturers at least give me a company and/or a contact over there to try and find to deal with please? Or possible some tips to steer me in a good direction!

If I can get these going and imported for sale here in the US, I would certainly be open to sharing orders with other people who are selling these as it can only help with shipping to combine some orders I would think.

I am looking at pixel strings and strips as well as the accessories that we use with them like extension cables, power suppliers and such just as an FYI.

These will be a newer generation of pixels which is right now 4 generations above the ws2812b pixels. Very fast, low noise, and control IC and LED are all combined in the LED for a single item. These also run under the same basic protocol as the 2811 pixels so they should have no problem with our current controllers and software although there is a possibility that it might become necessary for changes depending on how the design goes but have to see as things progress. Also looking at possible design of a "plug in" style of component for these that will make cutting and soldering no longer necessary to replace a pixel!

So you can see why this is important to me at least.

I would certainly appreciate any help that anyone can provide. I hope to be able to have these up for sale by spring next year.

I would rather not do this information exchange on open forum to maintain the confidentiality of suppliers and vendors so please contact me at "ellick at frontiernet dot net" to discuss.

Many thanks.


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