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Tracking head movement with any webcam


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With the help of a couple of knowledgeable folks, I've been able to program Rollie and Dan's head movements using my own ugly skull and the standard webcam on my computer. Here's how:


You'll need to install:


FaceTrackNoIR. Program will allow you to track your face without a fancy IR camera. It comes with a VJoy driver. More on that later.


TrackSkull from Monkeybasic.com.


Unplug any joystick you may have on the computer and run FaceTrackNoIR. On the right side of the window, you'll see a section called Game Protocol. Select the Vjoy Virtual Joystick. (If it's not available, you'll need to go get and install the Vjoy driver.) Make sure it's tracking your face with your webcam. You will need plenty of light on your face and it helps to keep the rest of the room dark.


Run TrackSkull. On the left, click the joystick Connect button. You should be able to connect with the VJoy joystick. Your face movements should now control the joystick sliders on the lower left.


You can calibrate the virtual joystick just like any mechanical joystick using Windows controls.


I'm not sure this works with all versions of TrackSkull. Try your version, and the latest download.


Special thanks to Nelson Bairos of Monkeybasic and Wim Vriend of FaceTrackNoIR for collaborating at my request to get this running.



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