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Looking for sequence with 3 singing faces 32 channel and CCR


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I know time has been short but this is my first year getting my display up and going and the setting up the hardware took allot longer than i thought.  As time runs out i know i am not going to have a chance to really try and get to sequence before Halloween.  I was wondering if anyone had some sequence that they could convert for my setup or could build me one.  I am not asking for free, and i understand that your time is important and i don't have a problem with compensating you for it.  I currently have 2x 16 Channel controllers, 8 RGB strobes with controller, and a p12s controller for the CCR.  

I have attached an outline of my house that the smart pixel ribbons are run and where the faces are.  Also the red squares are where some of the stobes are going to be.  (i havent used all 8, open to where the others should go).

The faces use 7 channels each.  

1:top of eyes

2:bottom of eyes

3:top lip

4:bottom lip

5:half open top

6:half open bottom

7: O

Thank you for any help



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