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Cable length from Controller to Pixel...


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P12 controller to 12-  (50 count)12V WS2811 Square node pixels..running 18Ga wire at approx 11ft length from pixel to my controller including the waterproof connector  with a 350W power supply for both banks...No problems, all pixles run well and the white when it runs seems to be pure white.


QUESTION:  I've now relaized that since I've finally settled on a location for my 180 tree if I added say 5-10ft extenders I will most likely be able to put my Power supply and Controller in the safe haven of my garage . Will the extra lenght be too much for one PS? So now with the extenders if I go with a 10Ft one I'll be at almost 21ft per leg. . I've already got the gear in a waterproof box and I actually went ahead and bought a "rainproof" 400w PS from holiday coro although I haven't used it yet and two spare 350W Power suppies.


So if need be and I do add the extenders I can always run each bank of 6 on a seperate PS ....Of course all of this could have been avoided with a little more planning and then I could have just made the intial cable lenghts to what I needed but my plans changed and  I moved the location of the tree.



PS..I am only running one set of 50 pixels per each port on the 12 port controller

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That length will likely be OK for you. Try it and see. The cable length is not an issue for the power supply, but rather the data being able to go that far without being regenerated. As I recall, about 30 feet is the limit on WS2811s.

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