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Can't get my show to work


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I will try to be short...I created a musical sequence....used the showtime editor to save it on the sd card. When I place the sd card into the G3MP3 and connect it....it doesn't work...."trig" appears on the screen. I don't have any triggers set. Also, when I look at the sd card the sequence I just saved (i.e. The ".lms" file doesn't appear. Has anyone had this problem before or am I just "lucky"?

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You don't want to "save" it to the SD card like you might normally save pictures or something else.

The easiest way is go to the LOR Simple Show Builder.

It will quickly walk you through setting your show up on an SD card.

Just a few minutes - seriously.

Then when you apply power, the show starts.

Anything else, then you will be back to Don helping you as he stated above...

Good luck.

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