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G3-MP3, ELOR and E682


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Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie in Korea and planning to make a music synced Christmas tree.

I have a G3-MP3 director, so I purchased an E682 and ELOR.

I checked E682 and RGB ball strings with sACNView and every pixels worked well.

I connected G3MP3 --> ELOR ---> E682 with cat5 cable and connected

16 strings of RGB ball strings(12 balls per string) to E682.

Then, I inserted SD card into G3-MP3 and ran a show, but the pixels didn't work.

I set the channel configuration and network preferences as ELOR manual.


To confirm LOR network, I connected E682 to PC directly and changed the channel

configuration to DMX Universe(1 for 510 and 2 for 66) and the network prefences also

to use E1.31 multicast. I made a show on LOR control panel and

ran the show, then the pixels worked but, there were so many errors as attatched

picture of LOR CommListener. Mostly only universe2 worked(sometimes some pixels

in universe1 worked) and there were so many errors.(different color, different pattern)

I tried with very simple sequence for only 1 stirng(12 pixels), then every pixels worked,

but there were also so many errors.


I can't figure out the reason.

I'd appreciate for any help.



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