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Pro controllers not recognized in show

Marty Belisle

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I have 3x 1602 pro controllers daisy chained with a number of CCBs, CCRs and Residential controllers.  The 1602 controllers will not recognize the computer when my show is running.  LED light blinking on all 3 units.  I confirmed each one with the hardware utility and upgraded the firmware to CTB16D-Ver 4.30.  LED lights still blinking yet all my RGB devices and residential controllers further down the line work fine in the show mode. I read through some of the forums and the only thing I could see was to upgrade the firmware (did it).  During testing of my CCBs I noticed the lights were slow to convert to different colors so up increased my speed to 500k.  Is it possible that this could have affected my older pro controllers being recognized?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as my Halloween display is waiting to play, thanks. 

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Yes, your older controllers won't do 500 speed. You did not specify how old your 1602s were. Drop the network to the next lower speed and see if they re-appear. If so, that is your problem.

Solution would be to run the CCDs on a separate high speed network and use a lower speed for the legacy devices that can't handle the high speed.

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Dropped the speed to 1.5k and everything works great.  CCBs look like they are working fine. Thanks for the support.

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