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Problem with one channel


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This is my third year using a couple of CTB16PC controllers. They have been very well taken care of (kept out of the elements, etc) and I've never had a problem. I pulled them out of storage to set up and test my Halloween show. All was working well until the other day. I plugged controller #2 into power and channel #2 immediately came on, but it was weak. I unplugged the unit, and plugged it back in and all was well. I chalked it up to solar flares and moved on. However, it has done it again and the unplug, replug is not working. Whatever is plugged into that channel will light up and then slowly fade and/or flicker. I ran hardware diagnostics, but the channel seems to power on/off just fine. Any advice on how to proceed from here?



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Reset the processor by removing the jumper on the second row of pins of header J0. Power up the board and power down, reinstall jumper and retest. Page 21 on the manual has pictures and a description that can help.


If this doesn't work replace the triac, LOR will do this for you or if your comfortable with soldering it's relatively easy to replace. Open a trouble ticket with LOR and they will help you figure out what to do if the reset doesn't work.



Daryl B.

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