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Check Those Data Cables


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Went crazy today, hooking up all my LOR's (10 of them), only to run the hardware utility, and it not find my contollers. Refreshed several times, and I would get a different number of controllers located. All different numbers. Changed location of controllers, changed unit numbers, but still could not locate all my controllers.
Uninstalled software and reinstalled, only to have same problem, now only to locate 6 controllers. Now came the weeping and gnashing of teeth!!!!!
Tried to refresh one last time. Now only 3 controllers show up. 1 thru 3 only. Thought I would check the data cable (cat 5). Should have been my first choice!!
Changed the date cable between 3 and 4, and everything came on line. Bad bad data cable, bad boy!!!
Only after 6 hours of threatning, cursing and giving everyone looks like "Don't even talk to me". Anyway, now I'm a happy camper.
Hope all had a good Thanksgiving.

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