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Has anyone used the ARTNET6UN via E1.31 sACN Multicast

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Has anyone used the ARTNET6UN via E1.31 sACN Multicast with LOR?



ARTNET6UN supports ArtNet or E1.31 sACN, 6 Universes





I purchased the LOR software today, because the documentation says it supports E1.31 sACN Multicast. 


I went into LOR Network Preferences.

I checked E1.31

I checked Multicast (automatically assigned IP address) Port 0

I added another one, it incremented the IP address by one Port X


My device is set up as:

Universe 1   Port 0

Universe 2   Port 1

Universe 3   Port 2

Universe 4   Port 3

Universe 5   Port 4

Universe 6   Port 5


I am not sure if there is a work around with the LOR software for the IP addressing in multicast? Would Specify be an option? 


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I have used the ARTNET6UN with Xlights and it worked fine.  I think I used unicast and have only addressed the first 4 universes.  I am a newbie to LOR and this type of decorating but I would suggest trying unicast with static addressing (both devices on the same network) and make sure you can ping 6UN from your computer.

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