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Multiple Networks with 1602Wg3MP3


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Here is the scenario:


My display has 22 1602Ws and will have a 12CCR tree added into the display  this year.  Am upgrading to the 1602g3MP3 Show Director with dual networks for the new brain.  I intend to run the traditional show as Network 1 at normal speed for G2s and the CCR tree as Aux A at 500 baud. My show is completely automatic on SD card.  Static lights are on timers and the LOR controllers stay on 24x7 for the season except for wet weather.

So it is hands off except for manual intervention for bad weather.


Here is what I see from doco:


1. Superstar sequence is created with networks/controller numbers configured in preferences.

2. Sequence is exported to LOR format.

3. Superstar sequence is pasted into matching LOR sequence.

4. Show is created and written to SD card of speed 4 or better.


Here are the questions:


1. Since I am not using the computer to drive the show  it does not appear that you need to set ports in the Network preferences (ports are only used for the USB serial adapters).  Do you still need to set the Aux A speed with Port  = None?

2.  If not, does the Superstar export pasted in tell the g3MP3 that the high speed network is 500 baud? I did not see any network speed setting in SuperStar.

3. If not, do you configure the g3MP3 network speeds with it connected to the PC using the Hardware Utility?


Trying to figure out how the 1602Wg3MP3 detects dual network (I assume from the CCR devices in the sequence) and how you set Aux A to 500.



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When you create the show for the Showtime-G3 Director, you will use the Hardware Utility. In the Hardware Utility, after you select your sequences and choose "Create show" you will see an option for "SD Card is for NEW G3 Dual Network Director"


When you choose that option you will be able to select what speeds the two ports will run at. Remember that only G3 devices can run 500k, so be sure older devices are on the non-500k network.

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Very good...the new 1602Wg3MP3 is enroute so I haven't had my hands on it yet.  Sequences are all done so ready to test once the CCR tree is built.  Was hoping for a summer sale but no indication of one yet.  A CCR tree is an investment :-) .  Will have to order by August to make sure they are received in time.

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I have a 1602Wg3mp3 that I used last year for my show. I only used one network. I am looking to incorporate ccp into my show this year using the 1602Wg3mp3 two network capability. Does anyone one have links or the best way on how to set this unit up for for standard and rgb. I am pretty new at rgb so be patient with me. Do I need to connect the controllers number 1 cat5 to the computer to set the parameters for standard and at the same time connect the ccp controller to the number 2 cat 5 input for configuration?

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