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Can't get the MO3 Director to work for some reason....


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And I can't talk to it with anything to see if it is running.  I can set the time and make a show but there is no way that I have been able to find that allows me to see what is going on in the MP3 director with S3..


There seems to be no real time feed back what so ever.  I can't see if triggers are working, what show is running or even if one is running.  When it is closed up in a box and you can't see the readout, it is a black box of mystery. 


I have a show on a disc and the director shows on the readout that it is triggered, but the show doesn't run.  I pulled the SD card and put it back and it started,but then it just stopped..


Is there any secret to this thing to get it to run or to look at it's condition with the HU??? 



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