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Where are you guys buying your wire for RGB Pixels?


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Need to buy some wire for 18awg  12V 2811 pixels. Not for Power injection but for the runs from the box to the lights. I'm going to get the 3 conductor water proof connectors as well. Where is the best place to get the connectors and wire?



Eddie Z

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You might try http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=102&cp_id=10239&cs_id=1023904&p_id=4043&seq=1&format=2


It's 4 core but I use it with 4 core connectors for all my extension uses. I have 4 core waterproof connectors( LINK ) on all my RGB strings but just leave one lead open.  Been using it for last 4 yrs with no issues.  I one area I used acrylic craft paint to blend the cables into the ground cover.  Using gloves I just rubbed the paint into the cables.  Works great.


Hopes this helps.


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The raw wire shown above works.... and I've used that for my panel for the wiring within the wall.


If you want an easy plug-and-play option:


You can also get "extensions" with the water proof connectors as well:


I put a 20cm female pigtail on the controller, and a male on the lights and get an extension in whatever length (5 foot / 10 foot / 25 foot )to meet your needs

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