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Setting up S3 (Channels / Address) with E1.31

Brian Rees

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I have been playing and researching a lot with E1.31.  

I finally was able to gt the controller configured, and was able to get xLights to run the lights.   


So, my question(s) are:

* What is the easiest way to configure / Add a E1.31 Controller to the Sequence Editor.

Do I Insert a Device? Channels? RGB Channels?


If I would create the Device/Channels; is there an easy way to copy xLights to the newly created Device / Channels?


Thank you!




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really your asking for a lot in one post. look at tutorials a the top page, they will help you get started.also theres plenty of post here do to the explosion of rgb over the last couple years. do a little digging and youll get there

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Brian the first thing you need to do is go to network preferences in lor then open the tab that says DMX click on universe 1 and and select what adapters your using

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Sorry for the vague post. I have done a lot of research and I an able to get the RGB lights to work with LOR. I was wondering if there was an easier way to setup the channels in LOR instead of adding 60 RGB channels and manually configure each channel with dmx and the starting channel. Thanks.

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That part is quick and easy.  Insert device (above or below) 

Select DMX

Select 1 Universe (enter the universe number)

If you are using the first 60 channels (20 pixels)  select 64 channels

    If it is not the first 60 channels  select 512 channels (later you will use the specific channels you are looking for and convert the unused ones to a group and then delete that group).

Right click on the first new rgb channel and select convert to rgb channel.

Name the new channel set

select the number of channels (this will be the number of pixels (or nodes) not the total number of channels.

If you were NOT using the first set of channels start at the channel number of you first new pixel.

select the extra channels and convert to group then remove the  group form the channel list.

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Awesome!  Thank you!


ps. Its only quick and easy once you know how to do it.  ;-)


Thanks again!

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Also, once you have you configuration set export it and save it. Much easier to import down the road then always creating

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