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Cannot get pixel reaction from E1.31 to a E6804 controller


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I am entering specific sandevice ip numbers and the commlistener indicates


"[iNFO] E1.31: E1.31 universe 1 opened on and so on for universe 2 and etc.


After connecting the LOR dongle and one lor controller so the "play lights" command would stay on.


Then when attempting to see the pixels light up while playing a sequence  I get an error message on the commlistener that states "[ERROR] Socket 428, connection closed while reading msg header" and those darn pixels don't light. I feel confident in the E6804 configuration.


While playing a sequence created in Superstar and exported to the sequence editor the pixels play perfectly in the visualizer but I cannot get the pixels to react to the E1.31 commands while playing a sequence. (The pixels work perfectly with the sandevice test commands)


I feel the error message is related to the problem but I have no idea what it means or how to correct it. "Control Lights" stays on so that is not an issue.


I might add I used the DMX props from the Pixel_Setup folder for my DMX setup and as mentioned they play back perfectly in the visualizer.


Question is how can I be sure my dmx commands are getting to the E6804?


Could channel config play a part? But it plays in the visualizer.


Any and all assistance greatly appreciated.




Dazed and confused for so long

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From your description it sounds like you are running in unicast rather than multicast. Do you have both the Network preferences in Sequence Editor AND the receive mode on the E6804 both set for unicast? See my extract from my E6804:

System Information:

IP Address Subnet Mask MAC Address Up-Time Receive Mode 4A:49:4D:16:F1:6A 0132:03:26 Unicast E1.31

If you look about half way down the page on the E6804, you will see if packets are getting to the W6804.

Universe Selection and Packet Statistics:

Universe 10

Packets Received 18180464

Sequence Errors 16

Invalid Packets 0

I was a little surprised at the low Up-Time until I remembered that we had a power failure here a few days ago...

BTW, if you want, PM me your phone number and I'll call and I'll see if I can help that way. I have an E6804 currently running for my landscape lighting so it's easy to compare setting.

ARGH: My text extract did not line up very well...

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The way to make it work is to post something. NOW I am getting reaction from pixel string. Don't know what I did or if I can replicate it later.

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