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Attemting to Make Talking Faces


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I drew up four different designs for talking faces that each use 6 channels. I have seen a lot of these talking faces out there and most use more channels and it seems like over kill to me. My 6 channels are a closed mouth, small open mouth, large open mouth, O-mouth, lower portion of eyes and upper portion of eyes. I am attempting to sequence the faces to Imagine Dragons Radioactive for one of my Halloween displays and I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on how well the sequencing looks with the song playing versus what it actually looks like with the lughts because I have not built the faces yet, and it looks like most the words line up but not all of them.


On a side note where are people getting the banner from that shos how many channels your using and how many lights your controlling?

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Welcome DJMaster to the madness.
You could use the Visualizer to check your progress and if you wanted to show off your work , you could use a screen capture program like SRecorder to capture the video.

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If you don't already use Papagayo for programming the faces, you should try it out. It made my programming so much easier.

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My faces are like yours in that I use 6 channels, upper lip, middle lip, lower lip, o, open eyes and closed eyes. I have faces Halloween and Christmas.

The visualizer was 100% accurate to what I see on my actual faces.

Programming was tedious at first and not in time all the time. I thought this was just how it was going to be and had the attitude of "it's good enough".

By the third song it started looking better. I used half speed and for some songs I split up my timings to .05 seconds vice .10.

Now, after 40 or so songs it is easier and timings are spot on. I went back and corrected all my previous songs. I can complete a song pretty quick too.

I looked at papagayo and you have to split the songs up at times due to length, add all the lyrics, import etc. It looked like more work than just manually doing it. Nothing against papagayo just not for me.

My advice would be to keep going. It gets easier and easier. Use half speed and the space bar to pause, select a spot back behind the word your working on and space bar again. Keep doing that. Next thing you know, song complete.

Of course, I copy and paste the chorus as much as possible. That speeds up some songs.

I don't have radioactive so I can't help you there. But I do have props for the faces to import into visualizer. It is in another post. It may not be your exact faces but it is a 6 channel prop.

Good luck,


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