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Inside the LOR RGBF-10W / RGB-Flood-10W


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Has anyone opened up Light O Rama's RGBF-10W Flood to see what is inside. I'm curious to see if they just have a resistor to drag down the 12V on the RED. These look identical to the same ones coming from China only 3-4 times the cost.


If someone has one and is willing to take the 4 screws off the front, then 2 under the the glass holding the aluminum reflector and post a pic of the LED hookup that would be interesting. I guess they could have tucked a board in the back box where the AC transformer is usually located.

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LOR 10watt RGB flood 29.95. China 10 watt RGB flood 24.95. Shipping extra on both. LOR cheaper in the end and includes longer cable.

Am I missing something? Where are you finding $10 RGB floods? And are they usable out of the box like both of these floods?

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Are you referring to these http://www.amazon.com/Waterpoof-Outdoor-Security-Floodlight-Equivalent/dp/B006STWHE4/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1398023176&sr=8-6&keywords=led+floodlight#productDetails



I used the regular cool white spots from them (no name Chinese brand) and they work great in my display I never got one of their RGB spots before, if you remove it's built in controller you probably can hack it. I'm not sure how easy it would be. I might just get one to give it a try just for shi*s and giggles.


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Yeah, buy in bulk. This makes them about $13. Free shipping, No tax, and $5 off the order when I used MasterCard.


I was so irritated by not getting a single flood kit on the most recent LOR sale I decided I'd make them myself. I already have CMB24D Boards. I was told within the first 2 minutes $75,000 worth of flood kits were sold. I waited for the add button to show up and as soon as it did, I tried to check out and they were all gone. That's just crazy.


Here is what I ordered. Surprising they look identical to the the LOR flood.  B) I suspect LOR just ordered a shipping container of them from China, modified them or paid the mfr in china to do so.



You can get them in DC only too, but the cost is the same. You may as well get a Free LED driver for another project.


I tested them out of the box with the built in AC/DC LED driver and Logic board. Below were the voltage reading at the LED.


I used the "factory" voltage to gauge what the LED's safe operating forward voltage is. They factory voltage output is lower than what they should be able take without blowing up. Normally these 10Watt RGB LEDs specs are Red 6-8V, Green 9-12V, Blue 9-12V. I'm going to stay just shy of these specs. Again you can by the RGB 10 WATT SMD (the chip itself) In bulk cheap if you smoke one.



4 pin Waterproof connectors. - Here is just the first couple I found. I'm sure you can get them in bulk cheaper. Not sure what I'm going to do.





I'm still wondering what LOR did to the their floods? What kind of wizardry if any is inside. If anyone has a flood and doesn't mind taking the cover off to see whats under the hood I'm sure more people would like to know.



Below are pictures of the Chinese RGB Flood




My Bulk order of Chinese Floods




Opening the back of the Chinese flood you see the ground isn't even connected to the case. Being an aluminum case. That's bad.




LED Driver included with Chinese Flood



Front of Chinese RGB LED flood.




Under the Reflector of the Chinese Flood. Note the resistor on the logic board touching the metal case :o 

This resistor drags the RED voltage down to keep it in spec.




The Chinese Flood connected to the LOR CMB24D.  Yes I know those 1/4 watt resistors are too small. Just testing. Higher wattage resistors will be in the fixture.



Another thing I noticed it the Aluminum housing on the inside isn't machined. It's rough from the casting. I may mill where the SMD goes to get better contact and heat dissipation. I'll know more once I take thermal images.


Below is a link to a video showing the results from the CHINESE flood not the LOR flood. This was without the deflector or glass.



(Chinese Flood Voltage Readings to the LED using factory guts)


RED – 6V

GREEN – 8.49V

BLUE – 8.49V



RED – 6.7V





RED – 4.38V

GREEN – 9.48V

BLUE – 1.2V



RED – 3.95V

GREEN – 6.28V

BLUE – 9.8V

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